Odisha starts life skills training of tribal residential hostel matrons

Training session of First batch of TRW hostel matrons
ST & SC Development Dept. is partnering with UNFPA for this initiative wherein around 250 matrons of high schools will be trained in the first phase during the month of June 2016 while SCSTRTI is planning to impart similar training to around 1200 additional matrons during 2016-2017.

Bhubaneswar: The Schedule Tribe and Schedule Caste Development (SSD) Department, Government of Odisha is partnering with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for ensuring safety and well being of students through life skills education programme in residential schools under the department.

Recently, the department has approved engagement of 3000 Matrons in schools to ensure availability of lady attendant for students in the tribal residential hostels. UNFPA extended technical assistance for capacity building of the matrons on life skills education and safety and security of students. While inaugurating the programme, Prof. (Dr). A. B. Ota, Commissioner-Cum-Director SCSTRTI (SC & ST Research & Training Institute) stated that department would adopt “zero tolerance policy” towards any cases of abuse and harassment on students in schools. He further stated that the objective of the programme is not only to impart knowledge for better adolescent health, hygiene, nutrition, wellbeing and responsible behavior, but also to instill skills amongst student for better communication, negotiation and social skills. This is expected to ensure an informed and safer growing up process where students are able to effectively handle critical situations in their lives.  Mr. Kumar Manish, State Programme Officer, UNFPA stated that UNFPA would provide all possible support to the department to promote life skills education in schools.

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with demands and challenges of life. Around 250 matrons of high schools will be trained in the first phase during the month of June 2016.  The first batch of training concluded on 8th June where sixty seven matrons from tribal residential high schools of Kalahandi, Nabarangapur and Mayurbhanj were trained in a three days programme. The SCSTRTI is planning to impart similar training to around 1200 additional matrons during 2016-2017.

Earlier, department in partnership of UNFPA trained around 3500 teachers on life skills education. Apart from teacher’s training, other key stakeholders of the department like Headmistress/masters, Asst. Hostel Superintendents, Welfare extension officers, ANMs and district level officers were also oriented on safety and security guideline during 2015.

Effort on all fronts by the department is expected to bring about a positive change in the school environment and imparting training to matrons on life skills education and safety and security guidelines is another welcome step which aims at promoting healthier growing up process and ensuring safety and security of the students.

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