Nadda bats for action in Reproductive rights and needs of women in emergencies  

JP-Nadda-PopulationDay-110715New Delhi:Union Health and Family Welfare Minister J P Nadda advocated for deliberations and concerted action on the issue of ‘Reproductive rights and needs of women in emergencies’. He stated this while speaking at a half day long workshop on the topic of the reproductive rights and needs of women in emergencies in the presence of several experts in the field of healthcare, on World Population Day on Saturday. The workshop discussed issues, especially regarding women and girls in these circumstances who are among the most vulnerable sections. Experts opined that such deliberations will help focus attention on the strategies to address these issues.

He urged for taking up the task of population stabilization in the country by adopting a Mission Mode approach, where focussed and targeted work is taken up in those states where the figures have been high. Stating that special efforts can be considered to stabilize population by concentrating on those states which contribute the maximum to the country total, Nadda also applauded the fact that population has shown a decline since 2011 and the country is very close to achieving the replacement level fertility rate of 2.1 .

Lauding the achievements of NHM towards population stabilization as very significant, he asserted that strategies to stabilize population are critical to development for any country. Nadda also stressed on needs to be more consciousness and awareness among the people regarding population issues and the ramifications of an increasing population.

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