Breakfast Burners: 10 Easy Breakfast Recipes That Burn Fat During Office Hours

With working hours stretching late into the evening and that crazy early morning commute to work, there is obviously little time for a workout. Instead of fretting over the possibility of an expanding waistline, change the way you eat. Currently, you probably skip breakfast each morning for an 11 AM-chai-and-biscuit, followed by lunch. By doing so, you are inviting trouble because your body when faced with starvation starts building up its fat reserves. Sure, you have heard this argument before. Instead why don’t you settle for these ten easy breakfasts that are put together mainly for their fat burning capacity and to give you an energetic start to the day. They are simple combination of protein, fibre and resistant starches that will burn fat even as you sit on your desk, pounding away on the keyboard. Breakfast Burners, we call them. Don’t forget to drinks lots of water to go with it.


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Cucumber Soy Pancake: This pancake has the protein from soya and the high fibre and water content from cucumber. It digests gradually with a sustained slow release of energy that will keep you satiated till lunch time. Check out the recipe here.


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Oats Rava Dhokla: Oats is the weight-watcher’s best friend. It’s low in calories, high in fibre and even a small quantity can really fill you up. But plain cooked oats in water is not to everybody’s liking. So here’s a yummy recipe for Oats Dhokla.


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Banana-Apple Porridge: This one is a serious fat burner. Choose a slightly green banana for its higher resistant starch (RS) content. RS is not absorbed by the body, and so it cannot add to your calories, but it eases digestion, thus helping you feel light. The high fibre in apple and oats keeps you feeling full for a long time while the protein and calcium from the milk signal the body to start burning fat. Just avoid added sugar though. Here’s the recipe for it.


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Sprouts Poha: Everybody likes poha. So why not turn your poha into a healthy version by substituting the peanuts for sprouts, which are high in protein. It still tastes yummy, only now it’s also your key to a paunch-free life. Here’s the recipe for it.


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Oats Moong Toast: This is a powerhouse breakfast that will keep you charged through those mid-morning board meetings and hold you up even if lunch is delayed. And it’s easy to make too. Do try this recipe out.

egg kati

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Kolkata style Egg roll: Who says diet food is boring? Eggs are an essential to a healthy diet and any source of animal fat helps kickstart the fat burning metabolism in your body. For a balanced breakfast with egg, check out this kati roll, filled with vegetables and wrapped in a whole wheat chapatti. It’s exotic, but it’s quite easy. Check out the recipe here.


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Pesarattu: This pancake-like dish from Andhra Pradesh is the closest thing to a zero-carb dish. With a batter made of sprouted green moong and ginger, the only carbs that you get are from the one teaspoon of rice flour added to make it crispy. This is not a diet version. In fact, this is how it is traditionally made, but it so absolutely healthy and yummy too. Check out the recipe here.


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Oatmeal Banana Cottage Cheese Pancakes: This recipe is all the necessary nutrient groups from protein, fibre and fat, rolled into one and absolutely exotic and yummy too. Go easy on the added sugars though.


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Banana and Almond Butter Toast: This may sound like a weekend treat, but with banana’s resistant starch properties and almond’s high poly unsaturated omega fatty acids content, this is pure health and brain power, rolled into one. Not to worry, almond butter is just pureed almond, it doesn’t actually contain butter. Here’s the recipe for it.


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Cucumber-Apple-Ginger Smoothie: Both cucumber and apple are high in water and fibre, keeping cravings at check, while ginger boosts your body’s fat burning ability. Sounds yummy, right? Check out the recipe here.

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