Anjali National Children’s Festival kicks off


Five day fest spanning from 14th – 18th November this year has over the years proved to be a true delight for all children and GenY in the city who makes it a must visit occasion every year

Bhubaneswar: Setting the tone for a perfect weekend treat for the Children, 14th Anjali National Children’s Festival kicked off at Adivasi exhibition ground in the city, today.

Commencing on the Children’s day this year’s festival witnessed children from all across India dressed in fanciful Anjali-Children's-Festival-2015costumes thronging the streets of Bhubaneswar as part of the Carnival which comprised costume parades, live music, street performances by folk artists, and  much more. Teams of children from two countries, 17 States and from across Odisha participating in the event, according to the organisers.

This year’s Anjali National Children’s Festival has lot many attractions for children of all ages including exhibition, magic shows, film festival, art Anjali-Children's-Festival-2015festival, rock band contest and more. With the theme – ‘World for All, Overcoming Barriers’, festivals like Nabakalebara, Christmas, Lohri and Losar will be celebrated during the five-day event. A four-day children’s film festival ‘Bioscope’ will also be conducted simultaneously at Bhanja Kala Mandap wherein films like Baaja, Sixer, Karamati Coat and Puja Paien Phulatie will be screened at Bioscope.

Earlier Ollywood superstar Sabyasachi Mishra, brand ambassador of the festival, had been campiAnjali-Children's-Festival-2015ng at different locations in the city to promote the event.

The social media bugs can keep themselves updated of all happenings at this year’s Anjali National Children’s festival by following its facebook page  Anjali-International-Childrens-Festival

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